Aromatic plants, such as Lavender, have been used for thousands of years in many ways, including as incense, perfume, cosmetics, and in cooking – as well as for their medicinal properties. Aromatherapy in Western culture is relatively new, but essential oils have existed since the very first plant, fruit and shrub grew on this earth – and are the purest form of herbal energy. Lavender essential oil is the most commonly used essential oil, because of it’s broad range of benefits.

Aromatherapy Products | Feel the bliss and enjoy the benefits!

Bath Fizzies SQ

Bath Fizzies
Moisturizing jojoba oil softens the skin, and lavender essential oil calms the mind. Drop one in the bath, soak and breath deeply. Kid’s love a ‘fizzie’ bath too! 3/$9.50

Massage Oil SQ

Massage Oil
Naturally pure ~ Lavender Massage Oil is sumptuous for your skin and spirit! Ideal to replenish and moisturize during massage, after bath or sun exposure. $12

Dryer Sachet SQ

Dryer Sachet
Filled with freshly dried, local lavender florets, these sachets provide a fresh scent for multiple loads of laundry – or tuck into your pillow, drawer or vehicle. 3/$14

Essential Dandelion SQ SM

Essential Oil
Distilled, 100% Lavendula Angustifolia oil is a highly regarded therapeutic & skincare benefit – calming, balancing and relaxing for emotional & physical care. 15ml – $19


Lavender Hydrosol
Gentle to skin, balances pH, 100% pure and bacteria free, lavender hydrosol is highly versatile, soothing comforting and healing. A few uses include: air, car and laundry freshening, skin hydrant, perfume, facial/body mist, baby spritz, and insect repellant! 4oz  $13 – 8oz  $19

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home mist SQ

Home Mist
This lavender hydrosol is carefully blended with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, e. geranium and patchouli. Air freshener, cleaning aid, etc. 4oz – $15

Mellow Mama SQ

Mellow Mama
Soothe muscle pain, mind and body with soft pillow of flaxseed and locally grown lavender florets. Heat or freeze. Fabric varies. $20

Neck Wrap SQ

Lavender Neck Wrap
Our Neck Wrap is beautifully designed to soothe your mind, neck and shoulders. Filled with flaxseed and lavender florets. Warm for a soft, fragrant release. $25

Eye Pillow SQ

Eye Pillow
Soothe and relax your mind, body, and tired eyes with our soft, lavender eye pillow. Filled with flaxseed and locally grown lavender florets. $12