In the Kitchen

Lavender has been used for culinary purposes for hundreds of years, but has only recently become popular in the US. Our culinary lavender products add a fantastic ‘floral’ flavor to both sweet and savory recipes. Studies also show that the oils in lavender have benefits for easing tension, flatulence and insomnia. We use only Lavendula Angustifolia because of it’s sweet, pleasant flavor – a wonderfully versatile cooking ingredient!

Culinary & Kitchen Products | Foodies love Lavender for enhancing entrées to dessert…

Chefs Essence SQ

Chef’s Finishing Essence
Enhances savory dishes and veggies, or flavor and tenderize meats. Celtic sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, lemon, ground lavender. Customer favorite! 3oz – $11.00

New Cul Lav

Culinary Lavender
Our Lavender Angusifolia florets compliment and satisfy all of your cooking and baking needs. So many recipes, so little time! $6.50

Essential Dandelion SQ SM

Essential Oil
Our distilled, 100% pure Lavendula Angustifolia oil is a versatile kitchen tool, including: add a couple drops to flavor your favorite dish or dessert, breath in or apply to skin to calm nerves, and use to treat a mild cut or burn. 15ml – $19

honey SQ

Lavender Honey
You’ll love our 100% natural Lavender infused honey. Made with local northern michigan honey and lavender. Thanks for supporting our Leelanau bees! $10

Meditation Tea
Our culinary lavender and organic chamomile blend tea induces relaxation, is soothing for your tummy and your mind. NEW smaller tin (not pictured) 1oz – $10