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Lavender is most often found in a perennial garden, but not only does it look and smell beautiful – lavender has countless uses around the home and for the family! Our 100% pure, therapeutic lavender essential oil provides a variety of natural applications as an alternative to man-made pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Lavender’s antiseptic properties make it a great addition for household cleaning, and beneficial for a variety of skin conditions and care. Lavender is renowned for it’s purifying and soothing properties, and an asset for emotional support. Culinary? Lavender is both healthy and tasty. We invite you to explore, and add the many benefits of our favorite herb to your life!

Home Essential Products | From cleaning to first aid… aromatherapy to cooking…

Dried Lavender Bouquets SQ

Lavender Field Bouquet
Our sweet smelling Lavendula Angustifolia dried field bouquets are locally grown, picked and arranged by hand. Hang, lay out or as bouquet.  $6

Bulk Lavender SQ

Dried Lavender Florets
Our freshly dried, locally grown “Lavendin” Lavender, is thoroughly sifted, and long lasting. Makes a great wedding toss! (1/2 pound) 8oz – $17

Dryer Sachet SQ

Dryer Sachet
Filled with freshly dried, local lavender florets, these sachets provide a fresh scent for multiple loads of laundry – or tuck into your pillow, drawer or vehicle. 3/$14


Lavender Hydrosol
Gentle to skin, balances pH, 100% pure and bacteria free, lavender hydrosol is highly versatile, soothing comforting and healing. A few uses include: air, car and laundry freshening, skin hydrant, perfume, facial/body mist, baby spritz, and insect repellant! 4oz  $13 – 8oz  $19

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home mist SQ

Home Mist
This lavender hydrosol is carefully blended with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, e. geranium and patchouli. Air freshener, cleaning aid, etc. 4oz – $15

Mellow Mama SQ

Mellow Mama
Soothe muscle pain, mind and body with soft pillow of flaxseed and locally grown lavender florets. Heat or freeze. Fabric varies. $20

Essential Dandelion SQ SM

Essential Oil
Distilled, 100% Lavendula Angustifolia oil is a highly regarded therapeutic & skincare benefit – calming, balancing and relaxing for emotional & physical care. 15ml – $19